Menu of Services

Free Consultation:  One hour of free consultation and research,

                                      including initial phone consultation.

Additional Research

and Consultation:     $20 Per Hour, based on 15 minute intervals of $5.00 each,

                                       with a minimum charge of $20.  Credit card information

                                       will be requested before continuing research. If we find

                                       you a trip, based on your criteria, and you do not book

                                       the trip, your card will be charged.

Cancellations:  $50 per reservation.  Consultation fee, if any, is not refundable.

Express Shipments:  Cost of DHL shipment plus $15 (requested by client).

Late Booking Fees:  Cost of express shipment of documents plus $15.

Airline Ticket Procurement: Domestic: $15 per reservation

                                                     (up to 4 persons on same reservation).

International: 10% of total cost of ticket.
This does not apply to airline tickets included

                                                     in packages booked through a supplier.

Hotel Reservation: 10% of reservation cost with a minimum charge of $15.  
                                    (up to 4 persons on same reservation).  This does not apply to hotels

                                    or resorts included in packages booked through a supplier.

Car Rental Reservation: $15 per reservation. This does not apply to car rentals

                                               included in packages booked through a supplier.

Brochure Shipments: $6 per shipment.

The fees listed above are in addition to any supplier fees or service charges.

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